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About Brux

Brux Night Guard was founded by two partners with very different views about nighttime teeth grinding and dental mouth guards. We had worked together for years without ever discussing the subject until it came up one day in a conversation.

For years, I viewed teeth grinding mouth guards as a way for dentists to perform a $600 wallet biopsy on their patients. I mean come on, have you ever actually seen anybody grind their teeth at night while they sleep? This has to be the biggest scam in the world. Why does it cost $600 for a mouth guard from a dentist when you can buy one from a sporting goods store for far less money. I know quite a few people that have been caught in the same scam and I never understood how a dentist would know if patients were grinding at night. Maybe they were grinding during the day and they could stop by recognizing the habit.
I have been grinding my teeth at night for years. I've been to three different dentists and paid for three different mouth guards. Each one helped a little bit, but I had problems with every one and they didn't help in the long run. After spending almost $2000 and still not having something that worked really well, I decided to design my own based on my favorite features.

After several long conversations between the two partners, and over a year of talking to dentists and dental technicians about Bruxism and the best ways to treat it.

Next, we interviewed friends and family members who have teeth grinding problems. Many of them regularly use mouth guards purchased from a dentist. We found that they all paid approximately $600 for their mouth guards. We also found that most of them thought they found some relief but the mouth guards were too hard or too big, and not as comfortable as they might be if they were designed differently.

John served as the corporate guinea pig for testing designs because he had already tried many different models. He knew what worked best and what didn't.

After a lot of research, design testing, and speaking with people that either treat bruxism or have problems with grinding and clenching, we decided to provide a resource to help others.

We plan to have a newly designed night guard sometime next year that we will unveil to the public. Until then, we will provide resources to help those that grind or clench their teeth and find relief from bruxism.

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